Florida showdown – Booker T. Washington vs. St. Thomas Aquinas

by Jeff Fisher

St. Thomas Aquinas High School footballWho’s the best in Florida in 2015?  We may find-out in Week 1 of the season when Booker T. Washington squares-off with St. Thomas Aquinas — the game is tentatively scheduled for August 28t.Booker T. Washington High School football

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the two schools have signed a two-year deal for 2015 and 2016.  Continue Reading →

Sentinel HS football team has five Eagles Scouts

by Jeff Fisher

Sentinel High School

L to R: #76 Colin Hammock, #80 Nolan Staats, #74 Byron Rollins, #78 David Beach, #72 Chris Hammock, #18 Walker Kay – Photo provided by Greg Beach, Assistant Scoutmaster in Mullan Trail District

The Sentinel High School football team may hold the all-time record for the number of Eagle Scouts, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America, on one team.  Five members of the Missoula, Montana football team this past season carried the title of Eagle Scout. Continue Reading →

The Turnaround – Media Lessons

by Jason Strunk
Lubbock High School Head Football Coach
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Lubbock Westerners footballThere really wasn’t much happening this week, at least for me football-wise. Sometimes football needs to take a back seat when you are dealing with the health and the well-being of family.

I am writing this sitting next to my dad in the ICU. He is doing great after open heart surgery and should be released in a day or two. It is amazing how quick things go from scary to great. Last Wednesday was as stressful as it gets. Now on Sunday everything is good and ready to roll on out of here with Pops. Continue Reading →